Thursday 28 March 2019

Loss Won't Pay The Bills selected in Boston

We are very proud to announce that Loss Won't Pay The Bills is selected for the Salem Film Fest in Boston. The film recently won the NL Film award in the category documentary.

Loss Won't Pay The Bills is a moving and humorous portrait of Holland’s oldest greengrocer and his wife, who have been putting their heart and soul into running their shop for 65 years and don’t want to hear about quitting.

For more information about Loss Won't Pay The Bills, Click Here

Friday 4 January 2019

Rerun Song of Exile on BBC Persian TV

The documentary SONG OF EXILE will run again this on BBC Persian TV for the second series:

  • Friday (4/1/2019) at 21:00 (Tehran Local Time)
  • Saturday (5/1/2019) at 11: AM (Tehran Local Time)  
  • Sunday  (6/1/2019) 24:00(Tehran Local Time)  
  • Tuesday (8/1/2019) 15:30(Tehran Local Time)  
  • Wednesday (9/1/2019) 24:00 (Tehran Local Time)  
  • Friday (11/1/2019) 2:30 AM ((Tehran Local Time)  

You can watch the program on BBC Persian Television Channel via satellite or through one of these links :