De naam is Heeresma 01

2022 – HDV – 85 min.

Luc Tuymans

Luc Tuymans

2020 – HDV – 52 min.

A documentary about the artist Luc Tuymans in cooperation with Interakt.
Still Dichter tegen de Tijd - Jasper Mikkers

Poet Against Time

2018 – HDV – 46 min.

A documentary by Annelotte Verhaagen about the author Jasper Mikkers.
Still Van Verlies kan je niet Betalen

Loss Won't Pay the Bills

2018 – HDV – 52 min.

A moving and humorous portrait of Holland's oldest greengrocer and his wife, who have been putting their heart and soul into running their shop for 65 years and don't want to hear about quitting.
still Rodaan Al Galidi

Rodaan Al Galidi

Schrijven in de Lage landen

2017 – HDV – 15 min.

Portrait of the author Rodaan Al Galidi for television series about Dutch writers
Verloop van Jaren - still

The Passing Years

Closer to Remco Campert

2016 – HDV – 77 min.

In The passing years we follow Dutch writer and poet Remco Campert during the course of one year. We get to know his daily routines and habits and witness special and intimate moments. A film about wistfulness, mortality and approaching death, and about poetry as the elixir of life.
Lied van Ballingschap - still

Song of Exile

2016 – HDV – 55 min.

Together with Iranian writer Nasim Khaksar we retrace his flight into exile, the journey he undertook some thirty years ago, all the way back to the border of his unreachable homeland.
Alles wat klinkt - still

All that Sounds

2015 – HDV – 53 min.

A documentary by Marieke Rodenburg about the Dutch composer and jazz musician Theo Loevendie.
Alfabet van de Angst - still

The Alphabet of Fear

2015 – HDV – 55 min.

A documentary about the Rumanian-German Nobel Prize Laureate Herta Müller: her collages, her traumas and her fears.
Sam Middleton - still

Sam Middleton

Painter of Music

2014 – HDV – 49 min.

A portrait of Sam Middleton, who is considered the first modern Afro-American artist in the Netherlands. Middleton finds his inspiration in the Jazz of his youth in Harlem, New York, and in the Dutch landschape of North-Holland, where he has been living for forty years.
Het afwezige land - still

Land of Absence

Meeting Adonis

2013 – HDV – 54 min.

A journey through the eventful life of the Syrian-Lebanese writer Adonis, one of the most eminent thinkers and writers of the Arab world. In Land of Absence het talks about his life and work, about Syria, the Arab world and Islam.
Een zwerver willen zijn - still

Wanting to be a drifter

2013 – HDV – 38 min.

A cinematic journey through the life and work of Limburg artist Marianne van der Heijden. A co-production with Omroep L1 and the Museum van Bommel van Dam, where a major retrospective exhibition of her work opened on 27 January, 2013.
Roger Raveel - still

Roger Raveel

The Artist, Death & the Muse

2013 – HDV – 56 min.

The film portrays Roger Raveel, the most important Flemish painter of the latter half of the 20th century, in the 90th year of his life.
Einde en Begin - still

End and Beginning

Meeting Wisława Szymborska

2011 – HDV – 55 min.

End and Beginning is both a unique portrait of the Polish poet Wisława Szymborska and, with her poems as a guide, a journey through her work and the history of Poland.
Een zoon van Porto - still

A Son of Porto

2011 – HDV – 53 min.

The Moluccan writer Frans Lopulalan and his son Benja return to the land where they have never been: the ancestral land. A journey past the Moluccan heritage and an inevitable search for the essence of human existence.
Wreed geluk - still

Cruel Happiness

Claus, Flanders and Love

2009 – HDV – 62 min.

A film portrait of Hugo Claus in association with Poetry International and RTV Rijnmond.
Sitor Situmorang

From Dutch East India to Indonesia

The life of Sitor Situmorang

2009 – HDV – 59 min.

A portrait of the Indonesian poet Sitor Situmorang.
Wacht op mij, Galg - still

Wait for me, Gallows

2006 – HDV – 78 min.

The story of Sivas is a film about music and resistance, about fundamentalism and liberalism against the background of a tragic event.
De As van de Herinnering - still

The Ashes of Memory

2004 – BetaSP – 50 min.

A Portrait of the Hindu poet and physician Jit Narain.
Wie Eegie Sanie - still

Wie Eegie Sanie

Our own things

2003 – BetaSP – 58 min.

Documentary about a generation of Surinamese people who were the first to explore their roots and culture, or 'wie eegie sanie': our own things.

Hoge Bomen: Ruud Lubbers

2003 – BetaSP – 48 min.

Hoge Bomen: Annie M.G. Schmidt

2003 – BetaSP – 47 min.

The Divine Madness

2001 – BetaSP – 53 min.

A film about one of the most remarkable and most talented Dutch poets: Hans Vlek.
Het leven is Overal - still

Life is Everywhere

2000 – 16 mm – 55 min.

Documentary on the Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal in which Hrabal's surreal world and its inhabitants come to life.
Schacht Saga - still

The Schacht Saga

A German family history

1999 – BetaSP – 55 min.

Film about the search of the German poet and publicist Ulrich Schacht.
VPRO logo

The Discovery

1998 – BetaSP – 40 min.

Diogenes - still

VPRO Diogenes

1998 – BetaSP – 20 min.

VPRO logo

German Worries

1997 – BetaSP – 180 min.

Birri's Droom - still

Birri's Dream

1997 – BetaSP – 30 min.

Iets van Genade - still

A Kind of Grace

1996 – 16 mm – 48 min.

A meeting with British author John Berger at his home in the French Alps.
En nu de Droom Over is - still

And now the Dream is over

1996 – BetaSP – 50 min.

Film about the Surinam poet Michael Slory and his relation with the Netherlands, his creole heritage and women.
Brokopondo - still


Stories of a drowned Land

1994 – 16 mm – 50 min.

Film about the construction of the Brokopondodam in Surinam and its consequences for the indigenous people.
Lood verscheurt het Hart - still

Lead Tears the Heart

1993 – BetaSP – 30 min.

A portrait of British author and war correspondent James Fenton