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Still Van Verlies kan je niet Betalen

Loss Won't Pay the Bills


The Passing Years – Closer to Remco Campert
In The passing years we follow Dutch writer and poet Remco Campert during the course of one year. We get to know his daily routines and habits and witness special and intimate moments. A film about wistfulness, mortality and approaching death, and about poetry as the elixir of life.

€ 24.95

Song of Exile
Together with Iranian writer Nasim Khaksar we retrace his flight into exile, the journey he undertook some thirty years ago, all the way back to the border of his unreachable homeland.

€ 20.00

All that Sounds
A documentary by Marieke Rodenburg about the Dutch composer and jazz musician Theo Loevendie.

€ 24.95

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4 January 2019

Rerun Song of Exile on BBC Persian TV

The documentary SONG OF EXILE will run again this on BBC Persian TV for the second series: Friday (4/1/2019) at 21:00 (Tehran Local Time) Saturday (5/1/2019) at 11: AM (Tehran Local Time)   Sunday  (6/1/2019) 24:00(Tehran Local Time)   Tuesday (8/1/2019) 15:30(Tehran...more »

21 December 2017

Song of Exile on BBC Persian TV

Song of Exile will be shown on BBC Persian: Friday (29/12/2017) at 21:00 (Tehran Local Time) Saturday (30/12/2017) at 11: AM (Tehran Local Time)   Sunday  (31/12/2017) 24:00 (Tehran Local Time)   Tuesday (2/1/2018) 16:00 (Tehran Local Time)   Wednesday (3/1/2017) 24:00 (Tehran...more »

13 December 2017

Website restored

Due to a mistake of the ISP our website was temporary offline. We are restoring the website but this will take some time. Details of some older films may be missing. BEWARE! The domain is no longer valid! Please change website and E-mail address: Website: E-mail:...more »